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We are NOT what we eat


Flow Food Friday #232 :

We are not what we eat. We are what what we eat has eaten.

Whaat? Okay let me repeat : We are…what what we eat….has eaten. If the food we eat already had a shitty diet with little nutrients, then how could we get any nutrients from it, you know? If the plants we eat grew up on depleted soils, then the plants will not have a lot of nutrients. Research showed that vegetables from today have up to 80% LESS nutrients than plants back in the 1970’s. This is especially true for Magnesium. Monocultures and fertilisers are the main reason for that. We can eat and eat all this supposedly „Magnesium rich“ food, but there is actually up to 80% less magnesium in there than we think. That is because most nutrient data are over 30 years old. They are from a time when there were a lot more nutrients in the soil.

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The same is true for meat. Buuuuuut when the meat has moved, ate a great diet, and overall had a good life, it will be less plagued with inflammation, infection, and metabolic disease. And this shows in the meat biochemistry. Because of less inflammation grass-fed, organic meat has less Arachidonic Acid than industrial meat. Because of less infection grass-fed, organic meat has less antibiotic residues, and because of better metabolic health it has more Omega-3 fatty acid and other healthy nutrients like for example the B-vitamins, Vitamin A/D, zinc, aaaand Magnesium.

If the animal had a rich diet, the meat will be rich. If the plant grew up in rich soils, the plant will be rich. That is why we are what what we eat has eaten. So when you chose what you eat, consider what your food has eaten.

May the FLOW be with you!

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