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The signs of Magnesium Deficiency

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There are many online sources that will list all symptoms from A-Z being due to Magnesium Deficiency. While this is a good tactic to scare us into buying their Magnesium Pills, it is far from reality. Magnesium does not cure everything. But here are the situations in which I have found increased Magnesium consumption to be VERY helpful!
Heart Palpitations. I have had many young endurance athletes who developed heart palpitations (when you can feel your heart „tripping“). Magnesium was helpful in ALL of these cases. 
High Nervous System Activity. Be it from stress, or from just being a jittery person, Magnesium helps calming down the nervous system. I have found Magnesium to have a positive on being able to „just chill“, instead of freaking out about everything.
Sleep. There are MANY reasons for sleep disturbances, but Magnesium deficiency is always number 1 on my list. I have found are 40% of people with sleep problems respond well to Magnesium.
Restless Legs. This relates to the combination of sleep issues and high nervous system activity. Magnesium is very helpful for people with Restless Legs Syndrom.
Lack of Strength. “Lack of Strength” is not something people usually list in their list of complaints, and I haven’t found a Magnesium Deficiency to lead to SEVERE lack of strength as in not being able to get up,BUT since I work with a lot of athletes, I see the more subtle increases/decreases of strength/power levels. Athletes who stock up on their magnesium feel more powerful and strong. I have not run a controlled trial cross-checking this with jump height or squat strength, but it is on my bucket list.
The best way to improve Magnesium supply is to eat 3-5 fists of (green) organic vegetables per day. Every Day. Every Week. Every Month. Every Year. Consistently. Supplements can be good to boost Magnesium levels initially. 
If you are interested in the detailed physiology of WHY magnesium has such a positive effect on our nervous system, you can read this article.
Or maybe you want to find out how to test for Magnesium Deficiency?
May the FLOW be with you all!
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