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The Hierarchy of Performance Change

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When you want change something in your life you have to approach it with CONSISTENCY first, PRECISION second, and VOLUME third.

A classical mistake of change is saying : „From now on I will do 50 pushups every morning.“ Because the change starts with VOLUME, the pushups will lack any kind of PRECISION, and this will be fun for 2 weeks, discipline can help us last another 6 weeks, and then we stop. Nothing changed.

A successful change has to start with CONSISTENCY. Instead of saying „50 pushups every morning“, say „1 perfect pushup for the next 30 days. If I made it, I increase to 5…10…15….“.
CONSISTENCY is sooo much more important than VOLUME.

CONSISTENCY first, PRECISION second, and VOLUME third. Klick um zu Tweeten

The same is true for nutrition. Stick to ONE habit for 30 days and ONLY if you were able to stick to it for 30 days you add the next positive habit. Drink a glass of water first thing in the morning for 30 days. If you managed that, eat a carb free, protein and fat-rich breakfast for 30 days. For most people it takes around 6-12 months to FULLY integrate these two habits. Never sacrifice CONSISTENCY for VOLUME.

We completely overestimate what we can achieve in 1 month, but we also completely underestimate what we can achieve in 1 year, or even 10 years.

May the FLOW be with you brothers and sisters.

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