Creating a performance culture with Dominik Suslik [GERMAN]

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Im Jahre 2015 hat Dominik Suslik angefangen seine Aufgabe im Fussball als Regenerations- und Gesundheitsmanager anzusehen. Er hat in diesem Prozess die individuelle Entwicklung, Regeneration, Gesundheit, und den Spass für den individuellen Spieler in den Vordergrund gebracht um auf diesem Weg die Leistung der gesamten Organisation zu verbessern. 
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Form Follows Functions

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It is one of the oldest principles of understanding the workings of nature, and its implications are far reaching. SPORTS MEDICINE. When the anatomy is "dysformed" (think bone spurs, cartilage damage, boney impingements (eg.FAI)) we
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Food Tips

Separating Carbs and Fats

Have you noticed that in nature there is almost nothing that has carbohydrates & fats at the same time? Meats have protein and fat. Starchy plants have carbohydrates and protein. There are very few exceptions with substantial amounts of each carbs and fat in nature.
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