Neurofeedback and the Physiology of Flow [GERMAN]


In this episode I met with german neuroscientist Joshua Heyl. We have known each other for years and finally took the time to catch up.

“Joshy” specialises in the use of Neurofeedback to develop and nourish adaptability and awareness of the human mind. In his practice he created a unique amalgamation of eastern philosophy and real world solutions for sports performance and health.

A shortlist of topics we discussed :

– the limits of quantum physics and human understanding
– a neuroscientists juggle of the spiritual and reductionist perspectives
– the basics of neurofeedback
– functional neuronal representation of sports performance
– the neurophysiology of “FLOW”
– training the mind
– anatomical manifestations of mental training
– cracking creativity
– the kaos and order of creativity, health & disease
– future perspectives on the neurophysiology of healing

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