Leave the Jersey in a higher place

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Is everything fine the way it is in this world? Should we change something? If Yes, in which direction? Is there a direction? What does that mean for our personal responsibilities and self-image?
“Be accepting just of the way you are” sounds like a romantic concept, but in practical reality will lead to disaster. For two simple reasons.

One, our body and soul does not buy it. There is a deep truth hidden inside of us and every time we fight it, we run into problems. This deep truth is our inherent and biological drive to survive, and to survive we cannot just rest where we are. This world is full of dangers and potential catastrophe. When we are out in nature we will automatically aim to secure shelter, and food/water supply. In a way that not only keeps us and our loved ones alive today, but also tomorrow and the days after. Our environment and society have changed, but not our underlying drive to secure survival for us and the people around us. Today, tomorrow and the days after.

There is a deep truth hidden inside of us. This deep truth is our inherent and biological drive to survive, and to survive we cannot just rest where we are. Klick um zu Tweeten

Two, our actions change the world. And they do so in a specific direction. There is a direction to our actions. The world and the universe have endless possibilities to unfold themselves, but there are better and worse outcomes. With everything we do or do not do, we either make the world a better place or a worse place. And even non-action is action.

So what should we do? How should we act? Well, we should act in a way that leaves all our environments in a higher place than they were when we entered them. This is similar to how the New Zealand All Blacks Rugby team approaches the main goal for each individual player : “Leave the jersey in a higher place”. This is our way to not only manifest our societies potential, but also our own. The challenge of life is to turn the potential of the youth into the achievements of old age. May the FLOW be with you and may you all leave the jersey in a higher place by manifesting your own potential!


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