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Is spot reduction possible?

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Is spot reduction (of fat) possible?
Actually you CAN Spot reduce! Not by doing specific exercises a la “sit-ups to lose belly fat”, but with changes of the internal hormonal environment. And we all know that.
In Medicine, when someone is injected with cortisone, then he will gain belly fat, but his arms and legs will stay thin. This is called cortisone-associated central adiposity. EVERY doctor knows that. 

What everybody seems to forget is that our body produces cortisol itself when we are stressed out. And that will lead to belly fat. There are several studies that show that, and I see that daily in my clinical practice. 
With more psycho-emotional stress, we will have a harder time shedding belly fat!
This study is one of many that show that people who are stressed out more easily have a higher amount of belly fat :
In order to lose belly fat, we need to adress the reasons for us being stressed out so easy. 
There are biochemical strategies to “cool us down”, like eating a vegetable-Rich diet (improves microbiome, which regulates stress response, increases Magnesium to relieve anxiety), eating a diet rich in essential and good fats (improves our stress hormone system). 
But there are also daily habits that improve our stress management and can thereby reduce belly fat. Writing a journal, practicing gratitude, meditation, and/or daily long walks in nature are in my experience the best methods to deal with psycho-emotional stress, to shed the last pounds of belly fat.
May the FLOW be with you all!
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