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Flow Food Friday #235 :

Parsley is the shit. Really. It is powerful. It has some pretty bad-ass anti-oxidants, but I think the most important superpower of parsley is its magnetism. Yeah, really. Parsley is magnetic.

It is probably not gonna stick to your fridge, but on molecular level the ingredients of parsley are very good at binding heavy metals. That means that parsley binds to heavy metals in nature, and after we ate it. Because it binds to heavy metals it is very rich in iron. Organic sources of parsley are a great detoxifier to detoxify us from heavy metals.

We inhale heavy metals daily through exhaust pipe, or second-hand smoke (cadmium). We eat them through our foods (mostly mercury in fish), we sometimes have them in our mouth (mercury in amalgam fillings), and we put them on our skin (aluminium in deodorants). These metals are very toxic and reduce our performance. They can even lead to serious neurological damage that will appear as brain fog, tremors, chronic fatigue, memory loss, attention disorders, and depression.

One of the best ways to get rid of heavy metals is regular consumption of organic parsley. You could for example prepare a Tabbouleh once a week, and have a parsley/cilantro smoothie 1-2x/week.

The reason I say you should choose organic parsley, is because of its magnetic quality. Parsley can be heavy metal rich itself, if it grew up on industrialised and poisoned soils. So organic parsley -> good for reducing heavy metals, non-organic parsley -> possible source of heavy metals. Just grow your own on the balcony!


May the FLOW be with you!

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