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Separating Carbs and Fats

Flow Food Friday #233 :
Have you noticed that in nature there is almost nothing that has carbohydrates & fats at the same time?
Meats have protein and fat. Starchy plants have carbohydrates and protein. There are very few exceptions with substantial amounts of each carbs and fat in nature. Most „unnatural“ foods that are known to be unhealthy have substantial amounts of both fat and carbs. Chips, Pizza, Fries, Mac&Cheese, and Alcohol. That should give us a clue.
And that is why one of my fundamental rules of using food to improve performance or looking good naked is to separate carbs and fats. There is a place for both, but I do not recommend combining them on the same plate. So when you go for the meat, have it with nuts, oil, butter and low carb vegetables like brokkoli, spinach, or mushrooms. They can be prepared in oil. Do not add potatoes, rice or fries. And when you want some carbs in the form of potatoes, rice, or quinoa, then combine that with steamed veggies. Do not add meat or other sources of fat. Prepare the veggies with water and not in oil. 
And here the extra tip for the pros : Have the carb plates when you are already pretty lean, and have them after exercise. Make your breakfast a fat-protein dominant plate, and your dinner a protein-carb dominant plate.  May the FLOW be with you all!
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