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Typical Iron Mistakes

Lets talk iron today. We all know Iron is an absolute key nutrient. You know why? Our red blood cells transport oxygen, but they can only do that if we have enough iron in our system. Too little iron -> too little red blood cells -> less oxygen transport -> fatigue (and other problems). 
We know that women are especially prone to iron deficiencies, because they lose blood once a month. With that blood they lose their iron. But also men have iron deficiencies. Let me tell you that Iron Supplements or Iron Infusions are not the solution. It is NOT natural to be iron deficient. Something is wrong. Even if you have heavy periods, this should NOT lead to iron deficiency. Here are in my experience the two biggest causes of iron deficiency :
1) Lower Absorption in the Intestinal Tract, because of Low Stomach Acid and/or intestinal inflammation. We need stomach acid to break down iron and we need a functioning gut-blood barrier to absorb the iron. If either is disturbed then we can eat all the iron in the world, and we will not get it into our system. Also keep in mind that phytates, an ingredient of grains, will block intestinal iron absorption. So consuming iron-rich foods with grains, will keep the iron from being absorbed optimally.
2) too little iron consumption. We find Iron in meats and green vegetables. Eat 2-3 fists of meats / green vegetables per day to stock up on iron. 
If you eat enough meats and veggies and you still have iron deficiency get evaluated for low stomach acid, intestinal inflammation or leaky gut. 
May the FLOW be with you!
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