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Did you know there is a nutrient that will improve your mood, your strength, your ability to fight infections, your memory, and your speed? A nutrient that is very powerful at regulating autoimmune disease, preventing many types of cancer, and cardiovascular disease. This nutrient can be found in fatty fish. I am talking about Vitamin D!
Usually fish is only fat where the water is cold. But how did human beings survive who did not have access to fatty fish (people who lived in warmer regions of the earth)? Well, where the water is to warm for the fish to carry enough fat, there the sun is powerful enough to help us build our own Vitamin D. Because our body can produce Vitamin D with the help of the sun. Unfortunately during wintertime most of us will NOT have enough sun exposure to produce adequate levels of Vitamin D. Combine that with not eating enough fatty fish, and we have a Vitamin D deficiency. 1 billion people world wide, 50% of all Europeans, 64% of all athletes, and 84% of professional football (soccer) players are deficient in Vitamin D. 
So go out in the sun, eat more fatty fish, or supplement with Vitamin D in the winter to stay emotionally and physically powerful and healthy. You will find a HUGE article on Vitamin D on this blog with specific recommendations for supplementation.
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