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This is a delicious fresh tuna salad with algae and sesame seeds. Its full of fat. Especially full of Omega-3 fats. I love the idea of filling up my body with Omega-3’s through delicious food, because these Omega-3’s are something…Want me to give you a quick breakdown of what they do? Okay here is a summary (and thats just the stuff we have definite evidence for). They improve mood (reduce depression), improve attention and focus (ADHD), improve blood pressure, reduce inflammation, improve autoimmune conditions (esp. bowel, MS, Lupus), improve cardiovascular function, support our immune system, reduce anxiety, improve cognition/memory, improve reaction time, and help lose body fat. Wuuuh. Need to catch a breath now. You will find these Omega-3s mainly in fish and real red meat. What is REAL red meat? Meat that has eaten well, and meat that has moved. So grass fed and organic beef. Or even something that was running a lot more. Elk, Bison, Deer, or maybe you can get your hands on a wild boar?
There are some Omega-3’s in plants. Flax Seed has some. But thats a slightly different chemical form of Omega-3 and our bodies ability is generally very limited in converting the plant Omega-3 into the animal Omega-3. Some individuals are good at conversion, but for most of us the conversion is very limited. You can easily find out if you have enough Omega-3’s in your life by doing an Omega-3-Index blood test.That will measure the Omega-3 content of your cell walls. Thats where the Omega-3’s do all their magic. I test that every two years. But I mainly just look to consume as much REAL fish and meat and Omega-3 plants as possible.
May the FLOW be with you!
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