Evolution is based on failure

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In Nature

Evolution is based on MISTAKES. Every genetic mutation ultimately is a mistake. A mistake in reading genetic code, a mistake in writing genetic code, or a failure to preserve genetic code. But it is this FAILURE, that leads to new and more adaptable life forms, to new species, and it is also what created the richness and variety of life and us as human beings.

In Sports

A new skill is not learned by learning how to do it right. It is learned by learning how NOT to perform it. It takes 10000 failures of a new skill to cement this new skill. If we approach a new skill with the intent of getting it right, we will not have a lot fun during the process, and we might never learn the new skill. But if we approach it with the intent of failing as much as possible in as many different and creative ways as possible, we will not only acquire the new skill, but we might also discover a new innovation of a skill…we might give the skill our own signature.

In Business

When you admire somebody for a successful idea or project, you can be certain that he has at least 20 other ideas & projects that died along the way. Successful people know that ultimately (like in nature) the environment will select which ideas will be successful. All they can do is give their best and have fun along the way.

In Life

The only true way to learn something is to fail at it. The best way to learn something is to do it. In most cases you will fail at it miserably the first couple of times you do it. But if you judge things not by if you won or lost, but by how much better you got at it, it will be a lot of fun, and you will grow a lot….and at some point you will succeed as well, which is a bonus, but not the goal. Just go for it. Ask that guy/girl out, have that conversation, make that decision, go on that trip, learn that skill.


May the FLOW be with you brothers & sisters!

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