Embracing the struggle

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Imagine for a second. Imagine there was no struggle. Imagine we had no limitations. How would life be? Nothing would be difficult. We would not have to learn because we are all-knowing. We would not have to work, because we already have everything. We would not have to ask for anything, because we can do whatever we want with the snap of our fingers. We could move mountains, breathe life, and drink oceans.

What would we do?

Whatever we might do, we will be bored after 50 million years of doing whatever we want. And then we start to dream. We fall asleep and dream of a life with limitations. A life in which we cannot just snap our fingers and everything changes at our will. A life in which we struggle. A life with downs and ups. An adventure. Then we wake up and feel excited. This was the best thing that happened to us in the last 50 mio. years. So we want to dream of an adventure again.

But this time we want deeper downs and higher ups, we want more struggle, more limitations and we want things to be against us even more. And maybe, just maybe, this is the dream we are living right now.

We have one up on the gods. We have something they do not have. Limitations and struggle. Adventure. Congratulations! ? 

Let me know your thoughts!


May the FLOW be with all of you and may you embrace and be grateful for the struggle

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