Let’s get in touch!

I am looking forward to hearing your story or your ideas! Have an interesting story to share? Have some interesting ideas about performance or health you would like to share with me? You need my help? Are you looking for advice? Are you looking for collaboration?

Whatever it is…feel free to get in touch with me and I will make sure to get back to you. 



Training camps up to 12 weeks are definitely a possibility, but I generally don’t do full seasons anymore as I enjoy the variety of my projects around the world way too much.

Depending on the event : Of course! I enjoy sharing my experiences with others and I do single 30-minute speaking events to full week workshops. 

Yes you can. But I do not give quick advice without getting to know you and your history in depth. An initial consultation of at least 60 minutes is an absolute necessity before I give any medical advice.

Yeah, I might. Answer these questions for me please : What is the value you provide to athletes or patients? What experiences can you share that might benefit athletes or patients? How can your story be an inspiration to athletes or patients? 

In general : No. Provide me with your product or your service if you think its great. If I like it and feel it is valuable to people I might write something about it.

Yes definitely! I am always looking for new challenges and good projects where I can be of value. Be it a sailing trip, a festival, a mountaineering expedition, a sports event, a diving trip, or a humanitarian project. Just shoot a message and let me know your ideas.

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