The Fear of the Unknown

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I remember being afraid of open water. A lot. We would go on a boat with friends. Everybody would jump off and swim. I stay on the boat. Irrational fear. Fear of the unknown.

What do we do when are afraid of the unknown? We get to know it.

Last year I did a 6-week rescue diving course. 6 weeks with two dives every day. I got to know the ocean. The unknown became the known. There are many things to be afraid of in the ocean. But now I know how they behave, what it means, and I can better calculate risks. Before it was just naive, ignorant and irrational fear. Now it is educated respect. I am not afraid anymore. I actually enjoy the ocean now.

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This is a picture we took after catching some fish with the harpuna. We took a deep breath, dove down to 10-15m, scanned the area and then shot the fish. A very raw way of hunting for fish. Very beautiful art. The Balinese guy in the picture can dive down to 45m and stay down there for 1 minute in only one breath.

There are two types of fear. The fear of the known and the fear of the unknown. Most types of fear are of the second type. Fear of the unknown. The cure : getting out of our comfort zone and getting to know the unknown.Everytime we are afraid of something, we can ask ourselves : „Do we even know what it is about?“

Afraid of starting your own company? Afraid of playing on the big stage? Afraid of change? Afraid of strange/new people? Afraid of making it happen? Afraid of letting go? We are usually afraid of EVERYTHING we do not know. But we are usually afraid of it very little once we get to know it. FLOW and purpose happens on the border between comfort and discomfort, on the border between order and kaos.

May the FLOW be with you!

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Embracing the struggle

Imagine for a second. Imagine there was no struggle. Imagine we had no limitations. How would life be? Nothing would be difficult. We would not have to learn because we are all-knowing. We would not have to work, because we already have everything.
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Food Tips

Put Salt in Water

It is not unusual to be losing 3-5kg of water weight during a single day if we do not re-fuel. But did you know that drinking too much water without salt can be bad for us? Most people with fatal collapses during marathons do not collapse because it was too hot, or because they drank too little, but they collapsed because they drank too much!
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The power of storytelling with Chris Brady [PODCAST]

How is it that anybody in the history of mankind was ever motivated to do anything? How do the best organisations in this world motivate their tribe to strive for and achieve greatness? What is the mythical glue, that is able to convince different individuals to follow a unified goal (even across many generations)? London-born Professor Chris Brady has some answers to this. 
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Food Tips

Daily Detox Strategies

As a living, breathing and constantly transforming organism we are immersed in our environment and live in constant interaction with our environment. Our immune system analyses our environment and communicates with all our cells which parts of the environment should become part of us (food, oxygen, water) and which parts of the environment should be excreted (toxins we breathe, eat, touch).
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Food Tips

The benefits of fasting

Nutritional Scientists disagree on pretty much everything you can disagree on. But the one thing they all agree on is fasting. Fasting has been researched over 50 years and whether we studied fasting in mice or other animals, or in humans, the same results emerged.
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