My name is Gerrit Keferstein and I am dedicated to getting us as close to our emotional, mental and physical full potential as athletes and as human beings. To achieve that we need the best tools from all worlds. Medicine and Performance. Science and Art. Order and Kaos.

I am a Medical Doctor and the past 10 years I have worked as a Performance Coach and Performance Director integrating strength&conditioning, nutrition, physical therapy, medicine and planning of professional sports teams and athletes in basketball, icehockey, badminton, volleyball, and soccer. My focus while working with professional athletes and teams from all over Europe has always been the organic nature of training stressors, adaptation and regeneration and to optimise the training process by optimising the athletes stress reservoir, biochemistry and hormonal response to training.


I am a trained Medical Doctor (MD) and Physician with degrees from the University of Göttingen, University of Saarland and the University of Bonn in Germany. Before I committed to medicine I studied Sports & Health Promotion at the University of Wisconsin-Platteville in the United States. My medical specialty is in functional evaluation & treatment of movement dysfunctions as well as in nutritional medicine to treat chronic disease. Currently I am in the process of earning specialty degrees in Functional Medicine.

Universität of Göttingen
University of Wisconsin-Platteville
Doctors without Borders
Institute for Functional Medicine
Aspetar Sports Clinic Qatar



I worked as a performance coach and performance director for professional athletes and sports organisations in Europe. Together with my team I developed and applied strategic interventions to improve regeneration, injury resilience, speed and power for teams in professional basketball, ice hockey and soccer. My individual clients included top-ranked golfers, Formula racecar drivers, pro soccer players, as well as NHL pros. During that time me and my team served as the Full-Time Head Performance Coaches for the Telekom Baskets Bonn & the Kölner Haie Icehockey Club and as Performance Director for the German National Team in Icehockey as well as the Grizzlies Wolfsburg and Klagenfurt AC Icehockey Clubs in Germany and Austria, respectively. 

German Icehockey Federation
German Basketball Federation
FC Homburg Soccer
Kölner Haie Icehockey
Klagenfurt Icehockey
Grizzlies Wolfsburg Icehockey
Goalie Development International
Telekom Baskets Bonn
New Baskets Oberhausen
Eisvögel Freiburg Basketball



Together with the Coaches Academy of the German Olympic Committee (DOSB) I developed the only officially recognised course and licensing system for Strength & Conditioning Coaches in Germany. I was a lecturer for the DOSB Strength & Conditioning Accreditation for three years and a lecturer on Strength & Conditioning for the German Icehockey Federation as well as the German Volleyball Federation. 

German Olympic Federation
German Icehockey Federation
German Icehockey League
German Volleyball Federation
German Sports Insurance
German Bobsledding Federation



In 2008 I founded my first company (ALLOUT Performance Gym) a sports performance gym located in Bonn, Germany, which focussed on improving human performance via lifestyle, mindset, nutrition, and training interventions. It was the first sports performance gym of its kind in Germany. I sold this company in 2017. It was renamed and still exists in Bonn, Germany.

My second business (ALLOUT Performance Consulting) was a performance-agency that ran location-independent. The business model revolves around the ALLOUT performance system, which aids high performance organisations in reducing injury cost and improving “wins above budget”. During the 2015/16 season, teams supported by the ALLOUT system, had 40% less injury burden than their competition. This performance agency is now being run and owned by my long time friend Robert Mager.



My first publication was “Eishockey Performance”, a book focussed on educating coaches, parents and players on the optimal lifestyle, nutrition, mindset and training to become the best ice hockey player they can be. I wrote this book with 5 other coaches and it was released in 2014.