The power of storytelling with Chris Brady [PODCAST]

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How is it that anybody in the history of mankind was ever motivated to do anything? How do the best organisations in this world motivate their tribe to strive for and achieve greatness? What is the mythical glue, that is able to convince different individuals to follow a unified goal (even across many generations)? 

London-born Professor, Leadership expert, and biographer of Carlo Ancelotti, Chris Brady has some answers to this. 


In his life full of earned experience in the trenches, he came to understand what makes truly great teams stick together. Having been a line-worker at Chrysler in Detroit, manager a bookmaker’s shop, worked as a land surveyor, a semi-professional footballer, a naval office and a management consultant, Professor Brady was part of many successful teams. 

Before his academic career, Chris served 16 years in the Royal Navy where he had appointments in the join headquarters intelligence cells during the first Gulf war and the Balkans crises.


In this conversation we use the movies as catalysts to understand the stories behind : 

  • The legacy of Manchester United
  • The challenges of “new” clubs like RB Leipzig, or reformed clubs like Manchester City
  • The synthesis of tradition and innovation in pro sports
  • The balance of employee/athlete retention and fluctuation
  • The value of powerful cultural artefacts in successful organisations
  • The position of the “guardian of the story” in professional sports teams
  • The relationship between science and art, sports scientists and coaches
  • What we can learn from movies


Chris has authored books and articles on subjects as varied as US foreign policy, British cabinet government and, of course, business. Most recently he produced a book in collaboration with Carol Ancelotti, the current head coach at Bayern Munich, on Quiet Leadership. Previous books and the best-selling The 90 Minute Manager. His two most recent books on other business issues are, The Extra Mile, which deals with employee engagement, and Intelligent M&A, an analysis of the intelligence function within the mergers and acquisitions process.

Professor Brady also contributes a business module to the Football Association’s senior pro-licence management course and is himself a UEFA ‘A’ licence coach. He is a regular contributor to BBC TV News, Sky Business News, BBC Radio 5 and BBC Radio 4, as well as being an occasional contributor to BBC Newsnight and a variety of other news media outlets. Chris’ recreational interests are primarily football and the movies.

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