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Performance Management

Using intelligent approaches to integrate physiology, sports science and medicine to achieve success and personal fulfilment.

Developing and sharing results-oriented models of health and performance optimisation. 


Gerrit Keferstein is a medical doctor and performance consultant internationally well recognised for his unique blend of insights from high performance and medicine. He is most known for his work on the optimisation of regeneration and adaptation in elite athletes. 

He has over 10 years experience in developing and applying performance models in professional sports teams, thoughtfully integrating diagnostics, medicine, sports science, and psychology for optimal collaboration.

Working with Gerrit and his team for over 3 years really elevated our performance.

Pavel Gross

Icehockey Coach, Adler Mannheim

EISHOCKEY PERFORMANCE is a collaboration of Gerrit Keferstein & the German Icehockey Federation. On over 350 pages Gerrit Keferstein and his team drew from their experience working with many professional teams (including Kölner Haie and Grizzlies Wolfsburg), individual athletes (including Leon Draisaitl) and the German National Team, and covered all aspects of physical preparation for Icehockey from lab diagnostics, performance profiling, regeneration, nutrition to endurance/power optimisation & planning of the training process. The book is a wealth of practical knowledge for Coaches and Athletes from all sports, not only Icehockey.

“Gerrit hat es geschafft in einem kurzweiligen Buch die Grundlagen der Schlafphysiologie sowie die daraus hervorgehenden praktischen Maßnahmen zur Verbesserung des Schlafs auf spannende Art und Weise zu vermitteln. Selten hat mich ein Fachbuch so gefesselt! Vor allem in meiner Arbeit mit Sportlern hats mir einen signifikanten Mehrwert gebracht!”

One of the brightest professionals I have ever worked with, and one of my favourite people to be around!

Julian Hanses

Formula 3 Driver

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